NEW Complete Kitchen Design and Renovation from a Church to a Single Family Home

NEW Complete Kitchen Design and Renovation from a Church to a Single Family Home by Maine Coast Kitchen Design

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I was sent to Maine Coast Kitchen by referral from my realtor. I had been to 3 different kitchen design places (including Home Depot) and was even contemplating buying the off the shelf cabinets and doing it myself just to get it done (EEKS, that would have been a disaster.)

When I looked up this firm, I immediately called my realtor and reminded him that I am not a wealthy person. He told me politely to hush up and go talk to Tina (the beautiful and gracious owner of this place) anyways.

Tina asked me to send her my Home Depot quote, and then without warning blows me out of my seat by asking “If I can meet or beat this, will you work with me..” OF COURSE! She’s had me to go her gallery on Commercial St., she’s feeding me truffles, and water on a hot summer’s day… how could I say no to this? I put in a deposit, figuring worst case scenario I get the same design, better cabinets, and granite.

I should also mention my kitchen space is not easy to design in. I have 4 doors, 3 windows, and an archway to work with. I also wanted an island, which I was told in my long narrow kitchen was IMPOSSIBLE. I don’t believe in impossible, and luckily Tina’s AMAZING designer didn’t either.

The designer met me in my ragamuffin renovation dusted home within the week (must better than any other design company) and took measurements. I gave her a sample of the flooring I had just put in. She asked me about how I use my kitchen, my cooking habits (there’s a lot of those, I truly believe it’s the heart of the home), and what happens in the space in general. She asked me about our dreams (we don’t have kids yet, we’re just trying really hard to make that happen.. and for once I felt like someone heard that, and understood a permanent change should account for future dreams).

I met them a couple days later in the Commercial St office again to see my design. I took my Mom, this is kind of a big deal… and if there was ever anyone would would give me a brutally honest opinion.. it was Mom. We both left there floored with the design. Things I would never in a million years have chosen because of silly rules I set for myself sat in my new kitchen. It was like they had known me as long as my Mom had. It was perfect.

The designer even worked with me in picking paint colors, and the back splash… stuff she certainly is under no obligation to do. Did I mention she added an island? Oh and they beat all 3 prices I had received.

I am currently waiting on plumbing, and some door trims… and even still… whenever anyone walks into my house I just hear “WOW.”
I do promise to tell everyone about you. I already have. You will soon have a client from 7 hours away, who wants you… and only you to do for her what you’ve done for me.

The day the granite was installed (also a shop owned by Tina..) I could might have cried I was so happy. It sounds silly… it’s just a kitchen right? But it’s the heart of my home… and it’s something I am so incredibly proud of now. I’ll leave you with the note I sent the ladies after my granite was installed.


Our favorite part of the process was visiting the granite distributor. It was an exciting opportunity- we would have never found our “perfect” stone otherwise. We fell in love with this stone as soon as we saw it!! Many variations of a particular stone exists- and often can look different than the sample. I highly recommend other customers visit the distributors as well. We loved it!

Dawn and Ray Demers

The process was great. The people I worked with were fun and enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and professional. The quality of workmanship form the crew and management was outstanding as was the quality of my granite. I LOVE the new look of my kitchen! Thanks for all the input and help in making it happen. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

J Chaney

After 25 years as a Builder and General Contractor one thing is very clear. I need venders that are dependable and consistently produce a high quality product, at a competitive price. Maine Coast Kitchen Design is my choice for stone countertops. The sales staff is great to work with. The fabrication and installation crews go the “extra mile” to make sure the final project is what I expect. Don Nichols Building Contractor, Inc.

Donald O. Nichols III.

I can hardly express what I’m about to say to you……………… I am SO happy with the granite….. you have made my kitchen/bathrooms look PERFECT and I would like to say to you “THANK YOU SO MUCH”. It looks absolutely fantastic and Maine Coast Kitchen Design and staff did an absolutely amazing job. I’m so proud of my kitchen/bathroom and of course, I can’t thank you enough for the perfect granite selection that you both made happen for me. Again, thank you so much…

Sharon Perlow

Hi Tina All went well Friday. The staff was very accommodating and professional. You could be proud! Thanks again for all your assistance. It was a pleasure……

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