NEW Complete Kitchen Design and Renovation from a Church to a Single Family Home

NEW Complete Kitchen Design and Renovation from a Church to a Single Family Home by Maine Coast Kitchen Design

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Hi Tina, I have always believed in recommending businesses / people who I have enjoyed working with and who have done good work for me. When I sold my last house in Virginia I left a Business Card Folder in one of the kitchen drawers with a note saying “These are the people that I recommend if you want to do any work on the house.” and it contained the cards for the electrician, plumber, tile installer, carpenter, HVAC serviceman, painter, etc. people that I had worked with over the ten years that I lived in that house and was happy with their work. There are so many people out there that run their businesses without the customer’s satisfaction as one of their top priorities – so when I find one that does I’m am very happy to pass the word on about them.


You have done great work so far and have made it very enjoyable for us – so definitely want to pass on recommendations for you.


I have touted you as being the best cabinet folks that I have ever worked with and this will be my sixth house that I had built – so I have dealt with quite a few over the years – and I made that VERY CLEAR to him – as well as how much a client would appreciate having a “List of Approved & Recommended Vendors” supplied to them when they ask him to build them a house.


Hi Tina, I am finally sending you pictures of my granite installed. I absolutely LOVE it!


Thanks again for all your help,

Liz Whitney

The cabinets are beautiful! And we love the counter top.


I’d love to get your designs and materials into lots of local homes – I know they would love your service as much as we have so far.


Your designer is truly great, we like her a lot. She had a very clear and concise list of things that she wanted to validate so she could be sure that we got exactly what we were expecting – had great ideas when we asked opinions, and just really seems to be a very nice lady. But everyone in your company that we have met so far has been – you truly have an amazing team.

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