Stone Countertops

Natural stone comes in thousands of variants, and the options don’t end with granite. At Maine Coast Kitchen Design, we have an array of different stones to choose from in colors and styles that are updated constantly. Make an appointment to visit the showroom and we’ll help you choose the perfect stone for you.


speckled granite and tiled baacksplash

Marinace Granite

An upgrade that gained widespread popularity in the 1990s and has stood the test of time, granite countertops offer practical advantages with plenty of panache. Durable and luminescent, granite is hard to scratch, easy to clean, and isn’t damaged by hot pots or pans. Some granite can be vulnerable to staining from acidic foods, though – a detail to keep in mind when it choosing your finish or sealant style.


modern kitchen island

In a contemporary kitchen or bath, it’s hard to beat the sleek, modern simplicity of a smooth white quartz surface. And today, we’re able to source quartz in a variety of styles that mimic the movement and interest of granite and marble. Like granite, quartz is incredibly durable, stands up well to heat, and adds a polished look to any room. But unlike granite, it isn’t stained by acidic foods – even without sealing.


Skyros Marble kitchen island

Skyros Marble

There’s a reason some of the most important and historical buildings in the world are decked out in marble – it has a serene yet decidedly ornate quality that gives you the feeling you’ve arrived somewhere important, a place of distinction. Because it’s a bit softer than granite and more vulnerable to staining, we don’t recommended marble for heavily-used prep surfaces, but it makes a stunning capstone, bar, or buffet.


Traditional Green Soapstone Sink

Traditional Green Soapstone

The distinct veining characteristic of soapstone adds interest to kitchens all along the range from traditional to contemporary. Its natural surface is smooth to the touch and doesn’t require sealing or polish. And since soapstone isn’t damaged by water, heat, or contact with acidic foods, it makes an excellent and low-maintenance choice for custom sinks.


vetrostone countertops with stainless steel drawer pulls

This sustainable solid surface is a composite of quartz, seashells, and exotic sea glass that comes in a variety of colors and patterns—from bold, contemporary blacks to primary blues and calming, serene greens and greys. The sea glass element brings the outside in – a perfect fit for the Maine Coast.


custom black granite sink

Contemporary yet classic, slate is an excellent choice for a kitchen countertop that you’ll love throughout the years. Classic black is always in vogue, and can be accented to suit your style, however it evolves. As a bonus, it’s naturally stain-resistant and non-porous without the need for sealing – making it a great option if you’re drawn to the honed, non-glossy look.