Personalized Kitchen Design Starts with Stone

One of the best ways to create a space that showcases your personality is through show-stopping stone countertops. Within the category of natural stone are hundreds of different species, colors, and families of granite, marble, and more. No two slabs are ever the same, and the right choice can be instrumental in creating a perfect space. 

The marinace granite family is playful, interesting, and naturally bold. Presenting as a mosaic of large rounded igneous stones arranged in a smooth substrate, people sometimes assume this type of granite is a man-made material. But the many personalities found in this stone family – which range from calming and soothing to wild and crazy – are all products of Mother Nature.  Here are just a few ways they can play into the feeling of a room or a space:

Nero Marinace

Like river rock contrasted against a black background, this Brazilian granite can be used sparingly for a pop of pattern, or in large doses to make a statement as we did in a kitchen that wound up featured in Cottages & Bungalows and later, a Press Herald Feature.

Red Marinace

This distinctive granite has a modern and bold look that adds interest to contemporary spaces, particularly ones with clean lines, solid colors, and cabinets with simple doors that won’t compete with the wild marinace pattern.

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Verde Marinace

A collage of cool and soothing greens, this marinace plays well in baths and spas, and the right slab can also work well with whites and greys in transitional kitchens.


The marinaces are just one of the many stone families that we select, source, and fabricate here at the Maine Coast Kitchen Design showroom. 

To learn about more of the granites and other solid stones we carry, check out the granite glossary on our website; or to view samples in person, make an appointment to visit us at our showroom. Whatever your personality or style, we’re committed to creating a space you and your family will love. 

Myth: Maine Coast Kitchen Design only works with full-scale remodels or new builds.

Fact: While we ARE a full-scale design-build firm, we also work with plenty of customers who come to us just for a countertop upgrade. Unlike other vendors, we offer an unrivaled selection of solid surfaces, expert in-house fabrication, and designers to help with the sometimes-overwhelming process of choosing the right colors and textures for your space. 

Hear more about the countertop-only experience from Jen, a repeat granite customer who describes our relationship as her go-to stone surface provider:


-Tina Richardson and

the Maine Coast Kitchen Design team


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