On the coast, of the coast: an eco-friendly and stunning makeover in South Portland


“No house should ever be on a hill, or on anything.

It should be of the hill. Belonging to it.

Hill and house should live together, each the happier for the other.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright

Back in May – almost a full year ago – our client Theresa came into the Maine Coast Kitchen Design showroom looking for the perfect stone countertop to complete her vision for a major redesign project.

Today, perched on a rock-bound stretch of shoreline just south of Portland Harbor, her work is almost complete. The finished product is a light-filled retreat that both borrows from and adds to the essence of its oceanfront location. Carefully and decisively chosen, the interior’s colors, textures, and whimsical elements all complement rather than compete with the sweeping views outside.

Her kitchen countertop choice, Vetrostone in Santa Maria, was made for a space like this. An eco-friendly and artful composite of sea glass, seashells, and quartz, its components are in perfect harmony with the elements outside, while its polished finish matches the pristine and arresting beauty of a calm day on the water.

Maine Coast Kitchen Design is the exclusive Vetrostone dealer in Maine, and we’re proud to add the product line to the wide collection of local and exotic granites, marbles, and composite stone products we offer. We can just imagine how the many variations of Vetrostone could add natural polish to so many of the eclectic homes and cottages along, and decidedly of, the coast of Maine.

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