MCKD design inspiration: notable movie & TV kitchens

What Inspires Our Kitchen Designs? 

In short, everything. If you look closely enough, you can find ideas everywhere: in homes you visit, stores and restaurants you frequent, websites and blogs you follow, and even in the TV shows and movies you watch.


As designers, cinematic inspiration always fascinates us – and makes a fun jumping off point for the kitchen design process.

We’ve had more than one customer ask us to recreate the white kitchen with honed black tops from the Hamptons beach house in Something’s Gotta Give – a space that some say sparked the widespread resurgence of the color white in high-end kitchen décor (see photo).

References to the Hamptons kitchens from the TV show Revenge (see photo) are just as common. And recently, a client asked our thoughts on the emerging black cabinetry trend – something she first saw done by Khloe Kardashian on Khloe and Lamar (see photo).

Of course, not every movie or TV kitchen is designed for popular appeal. Just like costumes and makeup, the first job of a set is to help tell the story of the characters on screen – and the characters aren’t always tastemakers.

For one example, look no further than the kitchen from Meet the Fockers (see photo), which gets mixed reviews on the home design blog Hooked on Houses (we actually love the stove). 

The room isn’t easy on the eyes, but to see Mr. and Mrs. Focker senior living in a modern, whitewashed space would almost break your heart.

And though we’d probably try to talk you out of something quite as eclectic as the Focker residence, we do believe they did get one important thing right: the best kitchens are styled around the families who live in them.

Because the best source of design inspiration is undeniably you.


-Tina Richardson and the Maine Coast Kitchen Design team
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