How We Work

The Initial Meeting

We know our clients have a lot of choices when it comes to kitchen design. To help you understand where we fit in among your options, we invite you to come in and meet with us to discuss your vision and your expectations.

By learning about you and how you live, we can begin to suggest design choices and materials that would complement your life and style. This is a no-charge visit; rather, it is simply a one-on-one chance to learn about each other, see if we click,
and if so, to lay the groundwork for our working relationship.


Creating Your Design

Our ability to provide the best in design starts with our people. Unlike many other kitchen companies, we do not have any pre-designed spaces to offer. Instead, we offer customized and creative designs inspired by our conversations with you, our
visit to your space, and the fundamental design philosophies of Maine Coast Kitchen Design and the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Through creativity and collaboration, your space evolves.


Approval and Final Touches

Once we have established ties, we work closely with you through a series of design meetings to arrive at a solution for your space. These meetings culminate in a final design presentation. At this meeting, we will share sophisticated, computer generated color renderings of your transformed space, which you can further refine and fully approve before construction begins


Project Planning and Management

When all components of the project are approved, we will begin to prepare your space into a project order. We make necessary preparations to integrate all key partners who will be involved throughout the process, including architects, interior designers, etc., to ensure a flawless project execution. Through sound business practices which include high-value product selection and project management, we are able to keep our expenses (and therefore our prices) down.


Delivery and Installation

Our proven team can fully design, build, and install your new kitchen – streamlining communication and ultimately saving both time and money. We offer a full array of construction services, including custom countertop fabrication and installation by
our professional team of stone craftsmen. We are also accustomed to working with other building contractors, and either oversee our own crew or partner with others to ensure all timelines are met. We take great pride in taking what can be a complex and overwhelming process and making it a simple, exciting one.