Designing around the view: subtle beauty on the lake (photos)


Sometimes, the goal of a design is not to make an impact, but rather to achieve perfect subtlety – to combine fine elements in a way that doesn’t demand direct attention, but instead quietly enhances the aura of a home.
In the case of our clients in Casco, the aura they wanted to create in their new space was one of a peaceful retreat. They came to us looking for a remodel of their existing kitchen to something that did justice to the view beyond their wall of windows overlooking Thomas Pond.
The waterfront home, perched above a sandy beach, sprawling lawn surrounded by pines, and complete with divine decks and patios from which to enjoy fresh air and the lapping water, already had much to offer. So like a picture frame around a work of art, we set to complement, rather than compete with the element they loved most: the view.
To do this, we incorporated traditional elements like creamy white inset cabinetry in a timeless shaker style, accented with a tile backsplash in earth tones pulled from the outdoor hardscaping and natural backdrop, and finished the look with a warm cherry wood top.
edited-4 (480x640)
Modern conveniences were worked in and concealed to maximize function while minimizing flash. A double oven was built in with a pull-out drawer for large pans below; a gas cooktop was built into the countertop with its hood vent built into a custom cabinet above; and the same approach was taken with the pull-out dishwasher and the refrigerator, both of which were concealed with custom panels to blend seamlessly with the rest of the cabinetry.
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In fact, seamless would be an apt way to describe these clients’ overall goals. They chose Maine Coast Kitchen Design not only because we understood their design concept and could help them plan it out, but also because we could make the entire process seamless, handling all aspects of the project: design, purchasing, construction, fabrication, installation, and expert management from start to finish.
And because they only had one point of contact to worry about, they could get an early start on what brought them to the lake in the first place: blissful relaxation.