Custom Sinks add an Unexpected Splash


Back in January, the editors of Design New England took to to post a supplement to their Jan/Feb issue. Titled Kitchen and Bath Extras, it was a review of some of the newer K&B trends, one of which was stainless steel farmhouse sinks.

We agree that it makes an unexpected splash. Stainless Steel is wildly popular, and farmhouse sinks are highly sought after too. But farmhouse sinks in stainless steel are rare, and in their novelty they steal the show. We installed a similar sink as part of a renovation in Scarborough (photo above).

In the words of the author, “we’re not sure what we find so compelling about this sink. We like the farmhouse style, for sure, but never imagined it in stainless steel.”

Looking for something even more distinctive? A custom granite or slate sink might be the thing. Our stone fabricators have created some beautiful granite pieces that seamlessly integrate with surrounding countertops, adding an understated touch of sophistication to a kitchen’s décor.


The example just above, a custom sink in emerald soapstone from a kitchen we designed in Freeport, is just one of many such feathers in our stone craftsmen’s caps. For more inspiration, check out our gallery.